Info-Cop™ Law Enforcement Tools

Our complete line of Law Enforcement software has been deployed to many of our customers increase productivity and stopping criminal activity, whatever your goal is, GTBM has the solution you’ve been looking for:


Backtrace - Backtrace is a unique service feature paired with GTBM’s Info-Cop® software. This investigative tool provides Info-Cop® clients with daily reports of individuals who have been arrested in the State of New Jersey. Backtrace reports are tailored for each Info-Cop® client to include the arrests reports of individuals that have a connection to that client (e.g., an individual who has had a recent, officer-initiated interaction in that client’s community). For more details click here


HLIST - Tie real-time crimes into real-time ALPR crime monitoring, with HLIST make your current ALPR system work for your Agency. Remove that 48 hour gap from your current ALPR system and make it real-time by using HLIST. For more details click here