Info-Cop™ Backtrace Report

What is Backtrace?
Backtrace is a unique service feature paired with GTBM’s Info-Cop® software. This
investigative tool provides Info-Cop® clients with daily reports of individuals who have
been arrested in the State of New Jersey. Backtrace reports are tailored for each Info-Cop®
client to include the arrests reports of individuals that have a connection to that client
(e.g., an individual who has had a recent, officer-initiated interaction in that client’s

Who gets Backtrace?
Backtrace is available to all Info-Cop® clients for a no-cost trial.

How does Backtrace work?
GTBM will automatically forward daily Backtrace reports to your Agency’s designated
representatives via email. Your Agency ONLY has to provide valid email addresses
and GTBM will do the rest.

What is the advantage to using Backtrace?
Backtrace is a proven crime-fighting tool.  In its initial testing phase alone, clients
used Backtrace to solve several crimes. Its time-saving information promotes efficiency
and recoups investigative man-hours.


How do I get Backtrace?
Have questions or need additional information fill out the form below and one of our Backtrace consultants will get in contact with you and answer all of your questions for you.